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We are always focused on the quality of our products. Collaboration and constant feedback with our customers help us successfully implement unique projects, as well as continuously upgrade production technology and methods for erecting pneumatic structures.

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We value and support our customers with our constant and uncompromised work to improve the consumer specifications of our products and enhance the quality of our services.
Among our partners are the largest Russian and foreign companies.

We’ve been creating pneumo-framed structures since 1999

ANGARSTROY is a manufacturing company with a good and smooth-running hangar production, ready to fulfill the orders of our customers, efficiently and in the shortest possible time. The production team of our company is a hardworking, tech savvy, close-knit team of experts, united by a powerful idea of creating ultra-mobile structures.

The company’s experts have been developing inflatable structures for more than 18 years and have vast experience in the manufacture and operation of large-span pneumo-framed structures – pneumatic hangars.

Our company has its own production facilities with a total area of over 5,000 sqm and has the state-of-the-art equipment capable to produce more than 20,000 sqm of finished products every year.

> 20
years of experience
of manufactured products
> 250
commissioned facilities
> 100
of new patented developments

Easy solutions to your tasks!

The key advantage of a pre-fabricated inflatable hangar is its mobility: quick installation and dismantling of the product, without the need to build a foundation. The compact packaging and low weight of the product reduces transportation costs. Additionally, installation of a hangar as an inflatable garage or warehouse, does not require a large construction team, special equipment or lifting mechanisms.

Among other benefits, it is worth noting the following:

a wide selection of sizes enables using hangars in a small business, or to solve with their help the challenges of large industrial companies
hangars withstand strong wind and snow loads, being used in severe arctic conditions
high durability of the material used for shells (reinforced PVC) guarantees a long service life
the price of an inflatable hangar is much lower than on a similar-sized hangar made of other materials

Another benefit of inflatable hangars is their versatility. A pre-fabricated warehouse can be relocated to organize temporary repairs during the construction of roads and tunnels, gas and oil pipelines, or the laying of power lines.

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