Aircraft hangar

Our hangars are designed with a large span and do not require a foundation, being suitable for all types of aircraft. From jet aircraft to helicopters – a modern modular design makes it possible to protect and maintain aircraft in the most challenging conditions.

Effective area
100 to 10 000 sqm
Inner width
10 to 100 m
Inside height
7 to 30 m
Diameter of air spring
1.5 to 4 sqm
Weight of one air spring
70 to 1,550 kg
Pumping system power
1 to 20 kW
Total weight of the pneumatic construction
1.8 to 100 t
Operating temperature
-60 to +70 °C
Wind resistance
up to 45 m/s
Installation time
1 to 7 days
Life of pneumatic hangars
at least 15 years
Material used
reinforced PVC

Design solution

Aircraft hangar is an inflatable structure made of reinforced PVC materials, consisting of forming pneumatic cylinders, end walls equipped with doorways for pneumatic gates, connected into a single structure and covered with a prefabricated shell.
Each pneumatic cylinder is of half-torus design, automatically filled with air using an intelligent booster system. The end walls are equipped with door assembly, pneumatic gates, openings for supply and exhaust ventilation and heat-insulated channels for chimney.
For staff and visitors are provided aluminum doors with closers on a metal frame. Cargo gates open/close using an electric hoist, thus providing pass-through for machinery and equipment.
The pre-fabricated protective shell covers the pneumatic cylinders, providing increased wind and snow resistance, and also improves heat-saving specifications of the structure.


Вертолет внутри авиационного ангара

Saving energy and maintenance costs

Translucent reinforced PVC materials ensure high light transmission of the structure and make it possible to do without artificial lighting in the daytime. Because the membrane transmits up to 90% of sunlight, the working space inside the hangar has a sufficient level of illumination without the use of additional light sources. The white color of the membrane helps reflect heat and ultraviolet radiation. The thermal insulation properties of the multi-layer enclosure structure in combination with heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems provide comfortable working conditions.
Ворота авиационного ангара

Lower maintenance cost

For irregularly used aircraft stored in the open air, the cost of maintenance and the rate of depreciation increase, subsequently leading to a decrease in the market value of aircraft in case of its secondary sale. We offer aircraft hangars in several standard sizes with heating ventilation and air conditioning systems, which will allow keeping the equipment in excellent condition for a long time and carry out high-quality maintenance. Our inflatable hangars can be delivered by rail, road, sea and air to anywhere in the world with minimal cost.
Самолет внутри авиационного ангара

Extending the life of machinery and equipment

There are always problems in the aviation industry with corrosion damage occurring on the casing of machines based on airfields located near industrial or coastal areas. Among the factors that sharply accelerate the corrosion process is increased humidity and atmospheric pollution with industrial gases, coal dust, and salt particles. Our hangars provide almost airtight storage of aircraft. The use of an additional dehumidifier and ventilation system ensures clean storage with low humidity in any climate zone.

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Reinforced PVC to withstand extreme heat, cold or snow
Quick deployment without a building permit
Lightweight and compact for fast delivery
Simple and easy to move structure with quick installation
The UPS provides operation of the facility in case of shutdown of the regular network
Monitoring system informs about power outage, wind amplification, etc.