Mobile buildings for housing people, feeding stations, warehouses for medical equipment

Using our inflatable hangars you have an opportunity to build as fast as possible without additional coordination and property taxes

Storage space
from 100 to 1000 m²
Inner width
from 9 to 60 m
Inner height
from 7 to 30 m
Pneumocylinder diameter
from 1,5 to 4 m²
One pneumocylinder weight
from 70 до 1550 kg
Pumping system power
from 1 to 20 kW
Pheumo structure total weight
from 1.8 to 100 tons
Operation temperature
from -60 to +70 С
Wind resistance
to 45 m/s
Installation time
from 1 to 7 days
Pneumohangar life time
At least 15 years
Used material
Reinforced PVC


Doctors who attend infective patients do not have a right to leave the territory of their hospitals and have to be on quarantine. Hospitals have no opportunity to accommodate the entire medical staff under these conditions. There’s a lack of premises for storing medical facilities, protective equipment, and other functioning means at the same time.

To ensure the undisturbed operation of medical institutions under pandemic conditions it’s important to:

Organize living accommodation in accordance with the necessary requirements for staff;
Arrange temporary catering stations with dinner tables and rest spots;
Have an opportunity to use premises as warehouses for PPE and medical equipment;
Create premises to place disinfection systems for people and equipment.


We suggest a solution, which meets your requirements. This is a mobile pneumohangar comparable to capital one by its characteristics.
We produce a building at our plant in accordance with the required characteristics within the coordinated budget. You get a convenient shelter for housing staff and storing material and trade valuables comparable to a capital building by its characteristics.

Installation takes from 2 to 7 days depending on the area
Materials are high-strength, light, fire-resistant
Walls keep warmth as good as 510 mm brickwork
Warranty is 5 years, life time is 20 years, doesn’t require an overhaul
No installation permits are required, building tax is 0%
Disassembling and assembling in a new place - 500 000 rubles.

Take advantage of mobile solutions over capital ones and be on the winning side!


Our inflatable structure doesn’t need permits for construction and facilitates the process of coordination with local authorities
The building envelope has excellent isolation characteristics. Thanks to it there’s no condensate in the hanger for storing. The white color of the membrane contributes to light reflection and UV radiation
Подготовка к возведению ангара
Quick assembling and disassembling of an inflatable hangar can be carried out in a few days, which allows using the building on all sites where it is necessary
Since the membrane transmits to 90% of sunlight, the working space inside the hangar has a sufficient level of illumination without using additional light sources

Need a quick-mounting mobile building?
Consult with us!

Reinforced PVC to resist extreme heat, cold, snow
Quick deployment without construction permits
Light and compact for quick delivery
Simple and easily transportable structure with quick assembling
Uninterruptable power system ensures the operation of the building in case of blackouts
Monitoring system reports power cutoff, an increase of wind