Aviation hangar of EMERCOM of Russia

2008 year

Head of the Khabarovsk emergency response centre of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Nikolaevich Bondarenko

The hangar is being used in Khabarovsk at the Khabarovsk-Tsentralny airfield as a shelter for aircraft maintenance. The hangar is served by Mi-8 helicopters of various modifications, Mi-26T, as well as An-74 and Be-200ChS aircrafts. The Mi-26T, the world’s largest heavy transport helicopter, can be accommodated in the hangar without removing main and tail rotor blades. It is also possible to accommodate one Be-200ChS and two Mi-8 helicopters with rotor blades removed.
During operation, no serious damage to the hangar was detected. Minor faults (such as damage to carabiners, brackets etc.) were repaired by your own efforts at the expense of consumables included in the delivery.
Your authorised organisation carries out regular inspections of the airframe structure on a quarterly basis using a self-propelled service platform. The inspection has not revealed any remarks on the condition of the structure.
The automatic control system of the hangar is working properly, signals about the condition of the structure and warnings about dangerous changes of external conditions in the form of SMS messages to telephones of officials responsible for the hangar are received in a timely manner. The signal from video cameras installed inside the hangar is stable and allows the duty service to monitor the situation around the clock. During the year, there have been four power outages, with a switchover time of about two hours to back-up power supplies outside normal working hours. In all cases, including in winter, during the switchover period, the paging system was provided by the self-contained power supplies included in the hangar equipment, and no deterioration in performance was observed during such periods.
The maximum wind speed according to the aerodrome weather station for the past year was 26 m/s. At the same time, in at least two cases, the wind direction was in the most difficult sector for hangar operation, towards the entrance gate. No changes in the geometry of the structure under the specified wind load were observed.
In winter, snow is not trapped on the surface of the hangar due to the peculiarities of its configuration, and minor remnants roll away on their own even in weak winds.
The external video surveillance system for the entrance gate is working properly, and remote monitoring of the gate’s condition is ensured around the clock.
The ventilation system is only used in the summer and not during the rest of the year due to lack of need.
Based on the above, it can be concluded that the characteristics declared by the supplier correspond to the actual ones, and in a number of parameters exceed them.

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