Mantrac Vostok pneumohangar (CAT) as a mobile garage for technics repair and service

2007 year

Denis Furman, Mantrac Vostok Service Supervisor.

1. From which sources have you learned about us?

– From the Internet.

2. Why have you chosen our company?

– ГIt is geographically close to Bor city, Nizhniy Novgorod region.

3. The name, product type and the covered area?

– MPA 13-7-250 “CAT” 250 sq. m.

4. Date of acquisition of the construction?

– Novenber 2007.

5. Premise appointment?

– Workshop for field technics repair.

6. How often do you change construction installation sites?

– Seldom – once in 2 years.

7. How construction protection is carried out?

– By guard service in territory of the customer, Stroygazconsulting.

8. How many workers participate in installation, dismantle and construction transportation?

– 5 to 10.

9. Which transport was used to transport the construction?

– 20FT railway container and automobile transport.

10. Which material is used as anchor ballast?

– 20-25 kg bags filled with sand are used.

11. Type of applied heating?

– Diesel thermal guns, electroheaters.

12. Which amount of energy is required for an hour, day, month?

– It is not measured, there are no account devices at the deposit.

13. temperature is supported indoors and what is the difference between temperatures of external air?

– In winter about 0 °С.

14. Which amount of electric power is used for construction maintenance in working order?

– We did not measure, the electric power is given by the customer.

15. Do you have a reserve source of power supplies and how often do you use it?

– 2 sources are available – diesel and petrol, we use them daily at maintenance of the basic power supply.

16. What snow loadings does the construction maintain (snow cover thickness)?

– Snow, due to the hangar shape, rolls down downwards.

17. Which speeds of wind were survived by the construction during operation?

– Up to 20 metres per second. There haven’t been stronger winds.

18. Do you apply any system of protection?

– Dogs and guards.

19. Were there any acts of vandalism?

– No.

20. Were there any construction damages on imprudence?

– Cases occurred a little. At emergency power switching-off there was a damage of the internal surface of one cylinder by an exhaust pipe of D9R bulldozer. We quickly stuck it, and the hangar restored its shape.

21. Describe, on which surface the construction is standing?

– It’s a sandy platform in a picturesque Pechora taiga in the territory of deserted military radar-tracking bases.

22. Which type of floor is used in constructions and which floor would be more preferable?

– We have a sandy floor, but we would like concrete or with a rubber covering.

23. How is the lighting problem solved? (Type of fixtures, place of their arrangement, their general capacity)?

– Fixtures are used portable on supports, 6 by 150W.

24. Is there a system of ventilation (air-conditioning)?

– Ventilation and air-conditioning systems are absent.

25. Were there any funny cases?

– A funny case has occurred during a strong snowfall. Power was disconnected and snow filled up the blown down hangar, then it was necessary to clear it from snow to lift.

26. Your claims about the construction?

– The design is simply remarkable; we have only enthusiastic responses about it. It is necessary to recommend it to all enterprises which require such premises.

27. What are your nearest and long-term plans?

– It is planned to apply the given hangar very intensively and with advantage in the hardest conditions of northern taiga in Pechora.

28. Your ideas and wishes to our designs?

– – To strengthen fastening places of cramps on the cover.

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Reinforced PVC to withstand extreme heat, cold or snow
Quick deployment without a building permit
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The UPS provides operation of the facility in case of shutdown of the regular network
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