Parking of automobile technics at a Dinju LLC oil field

2009 year

The chief of department of capital construction of Dinju LLC, Ivan Kuzmich Zavjalov.

1. From which sources have you learned about us?

– From the Internet.

2. Why have you chosen our company?

– By results of tender selection.

3. The name, product type and the covered area?

– Module pneumohangar MPA 10-5-300, dimensions 10m x 30m, covered area 300 sq. m.

4. Date of acquisition of the construction?

– October 2008.

5. Premise appointment?

– Parking of tractor and special equipment on a oil field removed from the base on 80 km.

6. How often do you change construction installation sites?

– There’s no need to.

7. How construction protection is carried out?

– Shift field personnel carries out supervision of the hangar condition. By order of the director responsible persons are appointed from mechanics of tractor shop, they carry out hangar supervision and operation, there is a journal on operation. Considering, that the building is placed directly on a strong point of the oil field, separate protection of the building it is not required. Besides, the entrance to oil field territory is carried out through a protected check point.

8. How many workers participate in installation, dismantle and construction transportation?

– 4 to 10 persons participated (mostly shift drivers).

9. Which transport was used to transport the construction?

– Delivery from base to the installation site was carried out by onboard KAMAZ.

10. Which material is used as anchor ballast?

– Bags filled with sand.

11. Type of applied heating?

– None of.

12. Which amount of energy is required for an hour, day, month?

– See answer 11.

13. Which temperature is supported indoors and what is the difference between temperatures of external air?

– 2-5 degrees above the temperature of the external air.

14. Which amount of electric power is used for construction maintenance in working order?

– According to technical passport, 1 kw/hour.

15. Do you have a reserve source of power supplies and how often do you use it?

– A reserve power is carried out by diesel power station DES-100 kw. Had 2 cases of switching-off of the central electro supply. Transition to reserve electro supply occupies no more than 10-12 minutes (manually since reserve switching device is absent).

16. What snow loadings does the construction maintain (snow cover thickness)?

– Snow rolls down from the surface itself, therefore the thickness of the snow cover did not exceed 10-15 cm. Snowdrifts formed on boards have warmed the hangar

17. Which speeds of wind were survived by the construction during operation?

– 15-20 m/s.

18. Do you apply any system of protection?

– Considering that the building is located in immediate proximity with operational where personnel are on duty round the clock, additional protection is not required.

19. Were there any acts of vandalism?

– No.

20. Were there any construction damages on imprudence?

– No.

21. Describe, on which surface the construction is standing?

– The design leans against a sandy pillow, inside the floor is covered modular by ferro-concrete plates.

22. Which type of floor is used in constructions and which floor would be more preferable?

– Concrete floor now, we are planning to execute cement dry topping of floors.

23. How is the lighting problem solved? (Type of fixtures, place of their arrangement, their general capacity)?

– Illumination is carried out by fixtures of NSPO-200 type in quantity of 20 pieces, on 10 pieces among are suspended on construction anchors. Wiring is executed by the KG cable 3х4х1,25.

24. Is there a system of ventilation (air-conditioning)?

– No, is not available, but it is necessary. It is planned to establish fans for giving and pumping out air in face membranes of the building.

25. Were there any funny cases?

– No.

26. Your claims about the construction?

– In our opinion, the consolidation knot between cylinders in junctions of nozzle cylinders demands completion. In these places a backlash up to 20 mm that leads to loss of heat in the hangar is formed.

27. What are your nearest and long-term plans?

– In immediate prospects acquisition of such building is not planned.

28. Your ideas and wishes to our designs?

– It is necessary for developers to complete hangars with illumination, ventilation and heating.

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