Соса-Сola restaurant

2005 year

Acquaintance to ANGARSTROY company has begun in 2005 when we decided to develop the summer program in the territory of Yakhroma mountain-skiing complex Park in Moscow suburbs. It’s not a secret that all mountain-skiing complexes suffer from absence of clients during the summer period. A direction which we chose for development in Yakhroma Park was attraction of mass actions, big companies to the territory and organization of all accompanying services for these actions.

One of complexities which we have faced consisted in the organization of an all-the-year-round platform for catering. In the chosen place building of a monolithic, fundamental structure was not allowed. After carrying out of the deep marketing analysis of light constructions, we have come to conclusion, that the most comprehensible variant to us was a pneumopavilion. Together with the Coca-Cola company the project of a unique tent on design of a classical Coca-Cola can has been developed. For realization of this project we have also chosen the ANGARSTROY company.

The order has been executed in deadlines (50 days), our wishes have been concerned with the big attention. Pavilion installation started in May. Weather at this time year, especially in the north of the Moscow suburbs is not steady, and the first large-scale action for design installation passed in difficult meteorological conditions – sleet occurred from time to time, and ground remained damp.
During transfer to us of pavilion engineers of the company conducted detailed instructing in features of tent installation, but none of us were ready enough to those complexities which we have faced.

First, there has been underfulfilled system of installation fixture at its installation on an unprepared ground (not smooth, not dense) – there was nothing to fasten the basis. The sandy platform, on which it was originally established, did not provide stability. After a special wooden flooring (scaffold) had been constructed, these problems did not arise any more.

We were very much impressed by the size of the tent. We had fears, that the park landscape will be disfigured by this structure. And the entrance somehow had not been finished. At specificity of our work with customers (catering) very big attention is paid to aesthetics, both external, and internal space. In our case we got a steady sensation that we are inside a certain temporary hangar.

But after pneumopavilion had been established on originally planned place and additional works on arrangement of internal space had been conducted (building of a wooden flooring, warming, scenery, platform building, extension of subsidiary zones and toilet premises), the design turned into the present banquet hall. And the image of Coca-Cola can was very much in harmony with the ideology of a sports complex.

I would like to notice, that the material which the inflatable construction frame is made of, there is stable enough to surface fade. Fastening of eyelets is strong and reliable, but it does not mean that it is possible to neglect the maintenance instruction hoping for fiber durability.

At operation during the winter period (we actually carried out increasing actions with banquet service inside the tent) we were pleased by thermal protection system of the construction that allowed us not to spend additional means on warming. Heat was provided with four 20 kW guns and that was enough for the whole construction.

However, we had to struggle with snow, which accumulated on a roof because of the difference of temperatures. The ice outgrowth led to additional loadings on the construction as a whole. A usual sports grid for volleyball, a strong cord from all four sides and by means of four persons we could clean off snow from the roof.

In a strong bad weather the cover maintained the wind pressure without problems, but the cover fastening didn’t. Because of wrong cover fastening the fixture was broken, and we had to send the whole cover for repair to the manufacturer.

Engines failed, their quantity is considered sufficient for normal work. But the filter system demands completion. It is necessary to provide easy access to air filters for their service, especially during the winter period.

At all equal factors – such as time for manufacturing and installation, the sum of expenses, useful area, convenience in operation and mobility of the design – the given type of pneumopavilion has a number of essential advantages, especially in comparison with light frame designs.

I can tell that due to our can we managed to develop absolutely new business direction to Yakhroma Park in 2005-2007 – carrying out of corporate actions that helped to reach notable increase of financial result. Till now the construction has been worked properly. Certainly, if you order a pneumopavilion for public catering with transformation possibility under separate kinds of service, it is necessary to consider a number of additions of specific character.

At work with the ANGARSTROY company and directly with Vladimir Bazhanov, we did not experience complexities – the company concerns the customers very flexibly. Throughout the whole period of operation, Vladimir Bazhanov constantly was interested in our problems and, if required, the company actively participated in their resolution. And manufacturing techniques of the design is very flexible, with the vast possibilities.

We consider that one of components of successful corporate platform development is a convenient zone of planning out and service of visitors. Therefore the idea of such inflatable designs – simple in installation, economic and convenient in operation is the perspective future in the market of catering services

Yours faithfully, Vladimir Vjacheslavovich Tcherkasov.

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