Temporary warehouse of GK-Service LLC

2007 год

Director of GK-Service LLC, Vyacheslav Yurievich Kozlov .

1. From which sources have you learned about us?

– From the Internet.

2. Why have you chosen our company?

– You are the closest to us (geographically), your prices are lower in comparison with a firm manufacturing similar products (how much I remember, they are in Baltic), there is no necessity to carry out foreign trade activities – registration and customs clearing (you are the residents of the Russian Federation, as well as we are), and you answer inquiries operatively – the Balts have answered only a week later and the answer was a reference to a section of the site and a very approximate price of a product – neither explanations, nor desire to contact.

3. The name, product type and the covered area?

– Pneumohangar, 150 m. of sq., 2 collars (jalousie, open upwards).

4. Date of acquisition of the construction?

– It is established on October 5th, 2007.

5. Premise appointment?

– Temporary warehouse for transfer of cargoes arriving or sent by rail.

6. How often do you change construction installation sites?

– It is not changed.

7. How construction protection is carried out?

– Protection is realized by employees of transport militia by regular detour of protected territory.

8. How many workers participate in installation, dismantle and construction transportation?

– We have never carried out dismantle. Erection team of the manufacturer consisted of 4 persons. 3 employees of our firm helped with loading of the ballast.

9. Which transport was used to transport the construction?

– The product was transported by “Gazelle” truck

10. Which material is used as anchor ballast?

– The sand packaged in plastic bags 25 kg each (approximately)

11. Type of applied heating?

– Constantly it is not heated. We have conducted trial heating by a thermal gun on diesel fuel. At environment temperature -10 the temperature in a warehouse reached +10 approximately in 30 minutes, Then the gun was switched off. The positive temperature inside the warehouse remained not less than hour (we did not measure the exact time and temperature of air after de-energizing the gun). In general, speed of heating directly depends on productivity of the gun and presence/absence of cracks between modules in the part which has not been closed by a tight “sleeve”, tightness and additional gate heat insulation (we have jalousie). And in general, inside the warehouse it is always some degrees warmer than outside, even without any heating. For example, water emulsion paint in plastic buckets, packed on pallets and sheathed with fiberboard sheets (a transport package), delivered to the warehouse at street temperature approximately-5-10, remained liquid, and has not frozen. We expected it, and did not use a thermal gun.

12. Which amount of energy is required for an hour, day, month?

– see question 11

13. Which temperature is supported indoors and what is the difference between temperatures of external air?

– see question 11

14. Which amount of electric power is used for construction maintenance in working order?

– About 600 kW/month

15. Do you have a reserve source of power supplies and how often do you use it?

– We have a petrol electro generator. We seldom use it – at the moments when emergency power is cut off. Since October 2007 till February 2008 there were 3 cases.

16. What snow loadings does the construction maintain (snow cover thickness)?

– Snow quickly rolls down. The small snow cap happens only on the top crest, but wind or thaw rolls it down, too.

17. Which speeds of wind were survived by the construction during operation?

– We did not measure speed of wind – there is no necessity, but during the operation sometimes the wind was strong enough (storm). We do not have claims to the construction.

18. Do you apply any system of protection?

– see question 7

19. Were there any acts of vandalism?

– No. The hangar is situated at the protected territory (the object is a cargo courtyard of a railway station) and is additionally protected.

20. Were there any construction damages on imprudence?

– No.

21. Describe, on which surface the construction is standing?

– Plain surface of high cargo ramp, it consists of ferroconcrete plates.

22. Which type of floor is used in constructions and which floor would be more preferable?

– see question 21

23. How is the lighting problem solved? (Type of fixtures, place of their arrangement, their general capacity)?

– One metal-halogen fixture of 150 W above in the centre of construction. In the daytime illumination is not required – the construction material (white) is transparent enough.

24. Is there a system of ventilation (air-conditioning)?

– No.

25. Were there any funny cases?

– Construction lowering at cargo at power cutoff is not funny enough, but we ran quickly in search of the generator between pallets with paper. =)

26. Your claims about the construction?

– We do not have special claims, it is desirable to provide consolidations on all surfaces, which have not been protected by the “sleeve” – we have closed up cracks with foam rubber tapes. There were ideas to fill them in with assembly foam, but it seemed to be not aesthetic, and we were afraid to spoil the material.

27. What are your nearest and long-term plans?

– Plans are always immense. For example, to repair the second part of loading ramp and to order a construction of 400-500 meters. But while the question of rent is uncertain – Russian Railways does not have ramp passport yet.

28. Your ideas and wishes to our constructions?

Basically your construction suits us, taking into account question 26. I am afraid, that too much improvements and innovations will be reflected at the price. For us the main thing in your constructions is mobility, simplicity and functional utility at rather low price, low requirements to adjusting platforms and absence of requirements on any possible coordination and statements in state allowing bodies (which cannot be bypassed in any case of installation of light metal constructions or awning constructions with rigid frames – and at strategically important objects, such as railway station, even hammering a dowel into a plate it is impossible without the coordination with a heap of officials at different levels …!).


Supplement of 2009

Vladimir Alexandrovich, hello!

Sorry that I didn’t respond to your request for a long time, but now I’m about to…

Everything which is said in previous reviews about your products, is almost complete.

I can now, after almost 2 years from putting construction in operation, subscribe to my every word of that comment.

I can only add information on energy consumption.

From experience, the consumption in the autumn-spring-summer period is about 600 kW\month or less – sometimes we save energy by turning off some fans, in winter (with lights and sometimes heated by heat gun) – about 900 kilowatts\month.

As a result, in fall, spring and summer we pay for electricity about 1500 rubles\month. In winter – about 2000 rubles\month.

For the production this cost is ridiculous, there is no other costs for construction support.

Snow falls off very well, we only clean the area around the hangar, leakproofness is good – there’s no leakage from a roof on your head, unlike neighbors in a concrete warehouse:-)

Best regards, Vyacheslav Kozlov.

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