Надувные ангары по вашим размерам

Corporate history

In early 2007, was established production company “ANGARSTROY”, which became a subsidiary company PKF “Studio K”. The main objective of the enterprise was the organization of serial production pnevmoangarov. To date, both companies have extensive experience in manufacturing inflatable hangars type and sverhmobilnyh tent structures. FSC “Studio K” and PF “ANGARSTROY” cooperate with the largest world-renowned companies, such as “GAZPROM”, “ROSNEFT”, “SCHLUMBERGER”, “HALLIBURTON”, “COCA-COLA”, “PERI”, “MAMMOET”, “CATERPILLAR”, “KODAK”, “EURO PART”, “YAMAHA” and others.

Создатели компании

The history of creation of Studio K firm leaves the roots in the remote past … Being one of the first co-operative societies in Nizhni Novgorod (founded in 1987), the firm was engaged in advertising activity, creation of television preview trailers. The Studio K successfully worked in advertising video shooting sphere. At 5th Moscow international festival of advertising in 1995 Studio K was included into top ten of Russian advertisers.


In 1994 employees of Studio K been founded Nizhniy Novgorod aeronautic group “Pipilatz”. This command was engaged in flights on thermal balloons, participated in any possible city holidays and actions, as well as international aeronautic championships and fiestas in Russia and Europe. Thus, Studio K and Nizhniy Novgorod aeronautic group Pipilatz united in advertising sphere.


Year 1999 became a turning point in company’s destiny. The company stopped working in advertising video industry. The decision to change activity of Studio K at the given stage was caused by hard competition between advertising companies.


In 2000 Studio K declares itself as a product company. A new direction of activity is design and manufacture of mobile awning and advertising constructions.

The model “Star 6” which has well proved itself as the original mobile awning design intended for outdoor actions became one of the first created products. “Figaro”, a network of restaurants of outdoor service, was one of major customers, who chose “Star 6” awning for its business.


Further the company improved this model, adding quick-detachable transparent walls, simultaneously having improved the quality of cut.


Soon we constructed light variant of “Star 6”, which was perfect for use at country personal sites. Besides, the company was engaged in covering of pools, platforms, verandahs, arbors under individual projects.


Since 2003 the Studio K has been annually carrying out orders of navigable company «Volzhkoe parohodstvo». The awnings developed by our firm still decorate steam-ships, protecting passengers from rain and wind.


In the end of 2003 by request of administration of Vladivostok the Studio K developed a new model – the «Star 8С» with usable area of 80 sq. m. Here 4 years our awning designs are established on the main area of a city for New Year’s holidays.


In 2004 eight-beam star with walls was enhanced by metal frame. This is the model «Star 8 SM». The first order for such design has been received from the central city park of of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

This star is maintained as pavilion of slot machines the whole year. The design is completed with transparent walls and entrances (doors).


In 2001 Studio K started working with pneumatic. Working models were constructed, as well as tests of the first models of pneumohangars were conducted.


Tests of pre-production models demonstrated great advantages of pneumoframe designs in comparison with others in respect of mobility.

Pneumoframe hangars have well proved to be all-weather mobile buildings, which do not require the base, and anchor fastenings to the ground. They are compact in transportation and easy in installation.


At the same time we developed the awning design “House”, which is a mixture of pneumoframe and membrane-awning constructions. This design, covering 80 sq. m, was ordered by a Russian firm “NAIDI” for all-the-year-round operation as a Kodak photo center in Izhevsk (2003). Walls are inflatable; the ceiling is double, suspended on the central rack support.


This design concedes to hangars in mobility; however, it has the non-standard appearance reminding architecture of Old Russian style. The autowashing complex in Khimki (115 sq. m.) at the area of shopping centre “Liga” (2004) became a modification of “House” in new role.


By request of Coca-Cola company in 2005, we created a pneumohangar in the shape of a lying tin, with useful area of 300 sq. m.

The design works as restaurant at the territory of mountain-skiing park “Yakhroma”, situated near Moscow.


The same year we manufactured the hangar for children’s complex of inflatable attractions, with the covered area 350 sq. m., which was established in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Since then, children got a possibility to visit park rides in winter, too.


According to information from the customer in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, this hangar has successfully survived 5 hurricanes with speeds of wind ranging from 27 to 38,8m/s for 2,5 years of operation (since the beginning of 2005). When one of such cataclysms occurred, some large trees were broken, and an electric lighting column was tumbled down in the area, where the design was located, as well as window glasses of a shopping centre were squeezed out from the direction of wind pressure.


In 2006, by request of the Nizhniy Novgorod division of Gazprom, Volgotransgaz LLC, we manufactured a pneumohangar with useful area of 350 sq. m., with an experimental tightening covering. This additional cover considerably raised wind and snow stability, as well as heat-saving design characteristics, simultaneously having improved installation time.

Pneumohangar installation was conducted by a brigade of 6 workers at the temperature -35 degrees of Celsius, in 12 hours time. A garage and an automobile repair site for the heavy technical equipment were organized there for the winter period.

Since this moment the external cover became an obligatory element of a complete set of all our pneumohangars.


For the German firm “PERI”, the largest world manufacturer of building woods and a timbering, in 2006 we developed a pneumohangar with useful area of 200 sq.m. In the beginning of October at an open building site near Noginsk, Moscow region, our pneumohangar became the first warm premise for repair of technical equipment and storage of building materials. Exploitation of the mobile pneumohangar has allowed the company to reduce terms factory building considerably. In the spring of 2008 this pneumohangar will move to Saint Petersburg, for the solution of similar problems in building of similar factory.


In Summer 2006, «PAL ZILERI» shop was opened in N. Novgorod. The basic part of action took place in a pneumohangar. Display of models of «PAL ZILERI» clothes has taken place. It is necessary to notice, that absence anchor fastenings, and the more so, base, has allowed to establish a pneumohangar with useful area of 150 sq.m. on stone blocks in the city centre for 1.5 hours by 6 workers.


For “Mantrak Vostok” LLC (the official dealer of Caterpillar company in Uralsky and Privolzhsky regions of the Russian Federation) we made a pneumohangar as a service centre on assemblage and repair of heavy technical equipment of «Caterpillar» on Yamal for the winter period since December, 2007.


Installation of a pneumohangar for «GK Service» (organisation of railway cargo transportations in containers and cars) in Sergiev Posad, Moscow region, was conducted in October, 2007. The pneumodesign is intended for all-the-year-round operation as a mobile warehouse for expensive cargoes. Arrangement of gate on lateral walls of a hangar was the original solution of this design.

Тентовая конструкция
Тентовая конструкция изнутри

For the Perm division of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, in 2007 we designed a high-pressure pneumo construction “Crab” with useful area of 20 sq.m. It has a double ceiling and double walls, exhaust ventilation system, and warmed door. The design is also equipped with a sleeve for connection of thermal gun, two windows and the tight floor excluding moisture inside the premise. If necessary, the design can be landed from a helicopter or a plane. The installation takes 4 minutes. “Crab” is intended for rescue operations both in southern and in northern climatic zones.


In the north of island of Sakhalin in July, 2008, the pneumohangar made by us for MAMMOET company has been established. The design with useful area 250 sq. m. exactly repeats the project created for Mantrak-Vostok (CAT). The design is used for service and repair of elevating mechanisms and the specialized technics.


By request of NOVATEK- PUROVSKY firm in the shortest terms we made a pneumohangar to be used as a mobile dining room. The pneumodesign is planned for 500 sitting places. The mobile dining room was installed on a site of a gas-processing combine being constructed in Novy Urengoy city. The pneumohangar has been working since May, 2008.

Мобильный ангар-дельфинарий

On August, 12th, 2008 in Perm, a mobile pneumohangar with covered area 1110 sq. m. has been established. The design was used as an all-the-year-round mobile dolphinarium. Inside the pneumohangar there is a pool in diameter of 16 m., as well as mobile tribunes for 570 spectators. The dolphinarium started working in September, 2008. The owners of the pneumohangar tour and give concerts in different cities of Russia.

Промышленный склад-ангар

By order of Bamtonnelstroy company, a unique nine-modular pneumohangar has been developed. The length of the hangar makes more than 100 m! The design with useful area of1500 sq. m is used as temporary shelter at a lining of tunnels. The pneumohangar was established in November, 2009 at a lining of the Kuznetsovsky tunnel in Khabarovsk region.

Проект быстровозводимых ангаров
Мобильный ангар для тяжелой техники

The Angarstroy firm has developed a series of pneumohangars the covered area of 1110 sq. m. By the beginning of 2010, five of such have been made already! The next brand new dolphinarium has been erected in the centre of Chelyabinsk city. The shows have started in the middle of December, 2009.

In March 2010, by order of “Novoangarsky processing enterprise” we have manufactured a series of inflatable hangars for storage and maintenance of large vehicles – BelAZ. Three pneumohangars with the total area of 1500 sq. m have large pneumatic gates with size of 6 x 6 m. In addition, the hangars are equipped with a removal system of exhaust gases, lighting, heating and forced ventilation.

Быстровозводимый ангар

“Novoangarsky Processing Plant” is located in Motyginsky district of Krasnoyarsk region and included in Top-100 of the largest companies of Siberia.

For work in Krasnoyarsk region at Vankorskoye field in June 2010 for a foreign company “Schlumberger Logelco Inc.” we’ve made three hangars of 143 sq. m each.были изготовлены 3 ангара по 143 кв.м. Inflatable manufacturing modules are used to prepare a special mixture for the production of drilling fluids. Pneumohangars are equipped with heating, lighting and ventilation systems to maintain the required environment and safe work of the staff.


Inflatable repair boxes (2 hangars of 304 sq. m each) for the company “MehTrans” were installed in December 2010 near the town of Blagoveshchensk, Amur region. Inflatable hangars, provided with heating and ventilation systems, can maintain fitness of equipment and machinery in the harsh climate of Russia.

Due to large increase of orders in 2011, we’ve opened our new manufacturing site. It allowed increasing the speed of serial production manufacturing by 65%.


In 2011, a new stage in the development of ANGARSTROY LLC began. Due to a significant increase in the number of orders, it was decided to acquire ownership of new production facilities and increase the staff. At the beginning of the year, the company became the owner of a workshop with an area of 1500 sq.m., which made it possible to increase the output by 65%.

Ханты-Мансийск 2

In January 2011, an inflatable pavilion of a unique shape was installed for the opening of the Biathlon World Cup stage in Khanty-Mansiysk. It houses a cafe-restaurant that can accommodate up to 600 guests. At the same time, in 2011, our company implemented projects of mobile inflatable structures for shooting range workers, as well as three prefabricated gearbox modules for work at various competitions and World Championships.


In August 2011, by order of the oilfield service company Halliburton International Inc. a series of 8 inflatable hangars was made, with a total area of over 3000 sq.m. In October, a 480 sq.m. pneumohangar was installed at the Vankor field. for the manufacture in it of building mixtures used for cementing oil wells. And in November 2011, for similar tasks, hangars were installed for work in the Komi Republic (214 sq.m.) and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (307 sq.m.).

Ferronordic Machines

In August 2012, an order was successfully completed for the Ferronordic Machines company, which is engaged in the maintenance and repair of heavy equipment. In the process of use, pneumatic hangars have proven themselves in terms of creating comfortable conditions for the repair of equipment in hard-to-reach places (quarries, deposits, etc.).


In September 2012, two pneumatic hangars were installed to work at a field in the Katangsky district of the Irkutsk region. The total area of inflatable warehouses is more than 1600 sq.m. The buildings are equipped with heating, ventilation, lighting and automatic fire extinguishing systems. The design is divided into 3 independent modules for loading large equipment “through the top”. The inflatable hangars were made for JSC Verkhnechonskneftegaz, a subsidiary of Rosneft Oil Company JSC.


In November 2012, containers with medical equipment for the Proton Therapy Center under construction in Dimitrovgrad arrived at the warehouse terminal of Ahlers Rus in St. Petersburg. A mobile inflatable warehouse was installed to store expensive equipment. For installation above medical equipment, the prefabricated hangar was divided into three independent modules. The pneumatic hangar was installed using a LIEBHERR LTM-1130 truck crane with a lifting capacity of 130 tons. Installation of the pneumatic hangar was completed in 16 hours.


In 2013, the company continued to expand its production facilities and began construction of another 1,500 sq.m. workshop. Also, a Swiss-made Zünd G3 3XL-3200 cutting plotter with increased desktop size was purchased. On this model, the material cutting area is 3.2m x 3.2m. The new equipment made it possible to significantly increase the accuracy of cutting and reduce the time to complete orders.


In January 2013, a pneumohangar was installed for Schlumberger in Usinsk for servicing and rewinding geophysical cables with a useful area of 910 sq.m. The inflatable hangar is equipped with a heating and lighting system, which allows workers to work comfortably in cold climates.

Передвижная выставка животных

Also, a number of entertainment centers were successfully completed on the orders of small businesses:

  • 4 mobile dolphinariums of 1100 sq.m.;
  • 2 inflatable circuses of 450 sq.m.;
  • Mobile exhibition of animals 560 sq.m.

In 2014, the company purchased and reconstructed another building with an area of 600 sq.m. The electrical assembly shop of the company is located in the indicated room. Four more HDTV machines of the American production “HEXAGON” were also purchased.


In September 2014, by order of the country club “Usadba Familia” in Krasnodar, an indoor sports complex was installed for up to 1000 people, equipped with an air conditioning system, locker rooms with individual lockers, showers and toilets. The complex is divided into two areas:

  1. Football field with artificial grass. The size of the court is 40 x 25 m.
  2. Basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, locker rooms and showers – all meet professional sports standards. The size of the site is 40 x 25 m.

In December 2014, a prefabricated office hangar was installed at the Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye field in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. The project is made in the form of two hemispheres connected by a vestibule. This project was the first of its kind and showed customers the wide possibilities of individual design.

Вертолеты России

In August 2015, ANGARSTROY LLC receives an invitation to participate in the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2015, which is held in Zhukovsky. By order of JSC Russian Helicopters, a project was implemented for an aviation pneumatic hangar for the maintenance of Mi-8 and Mi-17 helicopters. The hangar area was 800 sq.m. Also, a two-axle overhead crane was integrated into the hangar for the first time, which is a unique engineering solution that once again proves how rigid the inflatable frame structures of ANGARSTROY are.


In 2016, the company continued its path to increase production capacity. In this regard, another workshop was purchased with a total area of
1500 sq.m.

Also, 2 more high-frequency welding machines “HEXAGON” were additionally purchased.
In connection with a significant increase in production capacity, it was decided to expand the staff to 45 people.


In February 2016, by order of Liebherr Russland, in just 50 days, the ANGARSTROY team delivered a custom-made hangar to the customer. The huge size of the cranes determined the size of the object with a width of 20 meters and a length of 70 meters, the total area was
1400 sq.m. The pneumohangar was packed in just one 40-foot shipping container.


In May 2016, the company carried out the first export supply of a series of pneumoangars. By order of the Indonesia Air Force, four aviation hangars with a broad -shouldered gate (17 x 7 meters) with a total area of 620 sq.m. were delivered. every.


In the same year, two more aircraft hangar projects were completed for a Russian company. At the airport in Vladimir there is a hangar for a Eurocopter AS350 helicopter with an area of 300 sq.m., and at the airport in Ivanovo there is a hangar for a Pilatus PC-12 aircraft with an area of 550 sq.m.


In September and December 2017, two new hangars were erected at the Kacharsky production site of the Sokolovsko-Sarbai Mining and Production Association for the inspection and repair of the Hitachi EH 3500 AC II with a lifting capacity of 180 tons.

Ангар Норникель

Also in September 2017, for the needs of the Polar Branch of PJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel, a prefabricated inflatable warehouse was installed in the port of Dudinka to store inventories and technological materials.


In September 2017, at the Yarakta oil and gas condensate field, pneumatic frame warehouses were installed for storing equipment and building materials, manufactured by order of Irkutsk Oil Company LLC. Each of these pneumohangars can be divided into
3 independent separately lifted sections.


In 2018, the company continued to equip its production facilities with the latest and most technologically advanced equipment. Two Leister SEAMTEK 2000 AT hot air welding machines, two HEXAGON HDTV welding machines and another Zünd G3 3XL-3200 cutting plotter were purchased.


In March-April 2018, by order of Yamata Yatirim, three identical pneumatic hangars 15 meters wide and 25 meters long were installed at the Amur Gas Processing Plant.


In August 2018, by order of Renaissance Heavy Industries, three pneumohangars with an area of 1000 sq.m. were manufactured. After completion of their installation, two more hangars of 1250 sq.m. were ordered. All five pneumatic structures were installed at the construction sites of the Amur Gas Processing Plant.

Ангар Норникель 3

In April 2019, by order of PJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel, a pneumatic hangar was manufactured and installed to service 43 Caterpillar dump trucks, five of which are 90-ton, the rest are 55-ton.


In September 2019, an inflatable hangar for the repair and maintenance of Caterpillar 777 dump trucks was installed at the site of AO Vorkutaugol of PJSC Severstal in the Komi Republic. The prefabricated box is designed to accommodate four 90-ton mining trucks.


In February 2020, a pneumatic hangar was installed in Kemerovo by order of the international company Sandvik. Gates of a unique shape have become more rigid and now open outward, which allows more rational use of the internal space of the pneumohangar. The production time was twelve working days, and the turnkey installation at the customer’s site took only four work shifts.


In April 2020, a unique pneumatic hangar for the Aviation Rescue Center of the Russian Emergencies Ministry was installed at the Khabarovsk Central airfield. There are no analogues of the structure on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Prior to the installation of the hangar, the customer had to carry out maintenance and repair of Mi-8, Mi-26 helicopters and An-74, Be-200ChS aircraft in the open air. The solution was a mobile aircraft hangar with an internal size of 40×45 meters and a height of 22 meters. The hangar is equipped with pneumatic gates 37 meters wide and 13 meters high, a heating system, lighting, and a fire alarm system.

Denholm Zholdas

In August 2020, an inflatable hangar was installed at the Tengiz field in the Republic of Kazakhstan to store Denholm Zholdas high-tech equipment. Prefabricated warehouse with usable area
360 sq.m. allowed to protect the equipment from negative external influences.


In October 2020, an aircraft hangar for parking and maintenance of AgustaWestland AW139 helicopters was installed on the territory of Khrabrovo Airport in Kaliningrad. The pneumatic structure was installed on an asphalt pavement without a foundation. The hangar is equipped with pneumatic gates measuring 17×6.5m.


In December 2020, at the construction site of the Amur GPZ for the company MT RUSIA LLC, a rapidly far -means storage warehouse was installed. The manufacture, supply and installation of the hangar was carried out in record time. The customer received the finished object in just 1.5 months, while the useful area of the hangar was 1,500 sq.m.


At the beginning of 2021, representative offices of the company were opened in the Middle East and Latin America.


In June 2021, another international project was completed by order of the Irish company “JB Roche” for a customer from the United States of America. The hangar was designed to house a stratospheric helium balloon. In this pneumohangar, at the request of the customer, a system of “swing” gates was designed and implemented.

Rizzani de Eccher

In July 2021, a mobile pneumohangar was installed in Moscow for the reconstruction of the Moscow Oil Refinery. The customer was the international company Rizzani de Eccher. In the hangar with a usable area of 700 sq.m. housed a workshop for painting metal structures with anti-corrosion and fire retardant compounds.


In August 2021, mobile repair boxes were installed at the Skalisty and Kayerkansky mines in Norilsk to accommodate Sandvik D50KS and D45KS open-pit drilling rigs.


In October 2021, a series of pneumatic hangars was manufactured for the Japanese engineering company Toyo Engineering Corporation. These unique pneumatic structures are designed to cover sites for the manufacture of gas hydrocarbon pyrolysis tanks. The structures are assembled element by element and transferred to the right place by a LIEBHERR crawler crane with a lifting capacity of 200 tons. Each, assembled from two halves of a pneumohangar, covers an area of 700 sq.m.


In November 2021, an aviation pneumatic hangar was installed on the territory of the Sukhoi Log field in the Bodaibo district of the Irkutsk region for parking and servicing helicopters.

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