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How much does a pneumohangar cost and what is included in the cost?

How much does a pneumohangar cost and what is included in the cost?

As with any construction, the cost of a pneumohangar is not fixed – it depends on many parameters. First and foremost is the room space. We produce pneumohangars of various shapes and sizes, with a usable area from 100 to 10 000 m².

When you buy a hangar, you get a standard set, which includes pneumatic cylinders acting as a hangar frame, mountings, protective sheathing and an entrance group – a pneumatic gate with a hoist and a door. A control unit is supplied for remote monitoring and control of the systems. It opens the possibility of receiving information from pressure, temperature, wind speed sensors as well as electrical network parameters online via computer or smartphone. The minimum price for a pneumohangar (100m²) starts at 450,000 $.

The final cost of a pneumohangar depends on the additional equipment. Lighting, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning package can be supplied with the pneumohangar. Additional exits, goods lifts, fire protection and video surveillance systems as well as emergency power supplies can be added at request.

To calculate the exact cost, we suggest to fill in an application form on our website. We will calculate the final cost and send a quotation within 24 hours.

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