Warehouse for

Irkutsk Oil Company

Pre-fabricated structure for a batch plant

LLC " Irkutsk oil company»
sharply continental
Warehouse for storage of equipment and materials
Solid soil
840 m²
Date of manufacture
August 2017
Number of hangars
Deployment time
72 hours


In September 2017, pneumo-framed warehouses for the storage of equipment and building materials, manufactured by order of Irkutsk Oil Company, were installed at the Yarakta oil and gas condensate field.

Pneumatic hangars are equipped with electric heating, ventilation and an autonomous fire extinguishing system. To move oversized super-heavy loads by a crane, the warehouse can be divided into 3 independent separately lifted sections.

Irkutsk Oil Company (IOC) is one of the largest independent hydrocarbon producers in Russia. IOC is engaged in geological exploration, surveying and production of hydrocarbons in fields and licensed subsoil in Eastern Siberia – in the Irkutsk region and Yakutia.



About the customer

Иркутская нефтяная компания логотип

Irkutsk Oil Company is one of the largest independent hydrocarbon producers in Russia. IOC and its affiliates (IOC Group) are engaged in geological exploration, exploration and production of hydrocarbons in fields and licensed subsoil areas in Eastern Siberia – in the Irkutsk region, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the Krasnoyarsk Krai.

IOC annually increases the volume of exploration and hydrocarbon production, introduces innovative solutions to intensify production, improves policies in the field of ecology, labor protection and production safety. The IOC Group is focused in the effective management of internal corporate processes, staff development, as well as interaction with authorities and non-governmental organizations.

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Reinforced PVC to withstand extreme heat, cold or snow
Quick deployment without a building permit
Lightweight and compact for fast delivery
Simple and easy to move structure with quick installation
The UPS provides operation of the facility in case of shutdown of the regular network
Monitoring system informs about power outage, wind amplification, etc.

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