Shelter for a flying balloon

JB Roche
Aircraft (balloon) shelter
Foundation type
Frozen ground
225 m²
Production time
June 2021
Number of hangars
Deployment time
10 hours


Angarstroy implemented a joint project with Irish company JB Roche for the United States customer. The hangar was designed to house a stratospheric helium balloon for air mass research and air sample collection. The structure is made of a highly durable, frost-proof, abrasion-resistant materials. It is installed by a team of 8 people in 10 hours without the use of special equipment and lifting mechanisms. The first training installation is scheduled for a customer in 2021 in USA.


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Reinforced PVC to resist extreme heat, cold, snow
Quick deployment without construction permits
Light and compact for quick delivery
Simple and easily transportable structure with quick assembling
Uninterruptable power system ensures the operation of the building in case of blackouts
Monitoring system reports power cutoff, an increase of wind