Garages for


High-span inflatable hangars were the only cost-effective buildings that ensured on-site maintenance of Hitachi dump trucks and significantly reduced costs

Humid continental
Maintenance of Hitachi EH3500 dump trucks
Solid soil
900 m² and 500 m²
Date of manufacture
September 2017
Number of hangars
Deployment time
216 hours

Task description

Sokolovsko-Sarbaiskoye Ore Mining and Processing Association (SSGPO) ERG is one of the largest iron ore enterprises in the former Soviet Union. To produce 40 million tons of iron ore per year, the customer uses a large fleet of Hitachi heavy-duty dump trucks.

Hitachi EH3500 dump trucks have a height of 12.5 meters and require extensive space to ensure their regular maintenance.  The remote location, together with the size and fuel consumption of the trucks, makes remote service centers inefficient and time-consuming for SSGPO. The customer has decided to build a repair garage directly at the mines.


In September 2017, a new hangar for inspection and repair of Hitachi EH 3500 AC II dump trucks with a lifting capacity of 180 tons was erected at the Kachar production site of SSGPO, part of the Eurasian Group (ERG). The structire is mobile, and if necessary it can be transferred to another site. There will be two hangars in the Kachar Mining Administration: one for maintenance, and the other for washing dump trucks and road-building equipment. Two trucks can be serviced in the hangar at once. The launch of a new hangar on the Kacharsky site is one of the stages of the project to improve the service infrastructure of the enterprise.




About the customer

Hitachi EH3500 trucks are vital to our business. We were in a situation where it was unreasonable to move our tractors outside the service site, and we could not bring anyone from outside to the site to build a repair garage on the site. My department has explored many solutions to this problem. In most decisions on the market, we faced with lengthy legal processes and lengthy construction. Our partners recommended Angarstroy, as they participated in several successful projects in our region and were known as a reliable supplier.

Thomas Krall
SSGPO логотип

Founded in 1954, SSGPO is the largest mining company in Kazakhstan.

SSGPO is engaged in mining and processing of ore, pelletizing, metal rolling, production of heat and electricity, production and repair of machines in different locations.

SSGPO is a subsidiary of the Eurasian Resources Group (ERG), which has a portfolio of production assets and development projects in 15 countries on five continents and employs over 85,000 people worldwide.

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Monitoring system informs about power outage, wind amplification, etc.