Garage for


Inflatable hangar for repair and maintenance of HITACHI EH1700 dump trucks

sharply continental
Garage for dump truck repair and maintenance
Solid soil
600 m²
Date of manufacture
February 2017
Number of hangars
Deployment time
72 hours


In February 2017, an inflatable hangar was erected at the facility of Priargunskoye Industrial Mining and Chemical Association in the Trans-Baikal Krai for the repair and maintenance of HITACHI EH1700 dump trucks. Pre-fabricated workshop is designed to accommodate four mining trucks. The design allows for maintenance of mining equipment all year round.

The mobile garage was acquired by Tekhstroykontrakt as part of a project to modernize the mining and conveyor complex of the coal pit. The final stage in the implementation of the mine modernization program will be the acquisition of a Hitachi excavator with an electro-hydraulic drive and a bucket capacity of 12 cubic meters. It will increase the productivity of transporting rock mass, as well as reduce the cost of maintaining the old fleet of equipment.




About the customer

Техстройконтракт логотип

The history of Tekhstroykontrakt began in 1997 when the company entered into an agreement for the supply of road construction and special equipment with Hitachi Construction Machinery, Co. In June 1998, the first Hitachi excavator was delivered to Russia. By 2001, Tekhstroykontrakt made a rapid breakthrough, capturing 40% of the market of new imported excavators and overtaking the companies that came to Russia before the company.

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Reinforced PVC to withstand extreme heat, cold or snow
Quick deployment without a building permit
Lightweight and compact for fast delivery
Simple and easy to move structure with quick installation
The UPS provides operation of the facility in case of shutdown of the regular network
Monitoring system informs about power outage, wind amplification, etc.