A sports hangar for


An inflatable gym where one can play mini-football, volleyball, basketball, and tennis

Teknimont-Russiya LLC
Moderately continental
Sports center
Foundation type
Strong soil
600 m²
Production date
August 2019
Number of hangars
Deployment time
50 hours


A sports inflatable hangar is installed in a shift town of “Teknimont-Russiya” on the construction site of Amursky gas processing plant. The structure is installed for the company’s employees and makes it possible to play mini-football, volleyball, basketball, and tennis.
The sports hangar is equipped with heating/ventilation/light, which allows going for sports under comfortable conditions all year round.



About customer


Teknimont-Russiya LLC is a branch establishment of Maire Tecnimont Group.
For the last decade, the group has strengthened its leading position in the market thanks to wide cooperation with local design and construction institutions, equipment manufacturers and construction companies. Over its long presence in this region, the group completed over 80 petrochemical and oil and gas projects.
The Maire Tecnimont Group is a major supplier of technologies and construction, technologies and licensing, as well as energy business and enterprises in the world where an emphasis on oil and gas, petrochemical and processing enterprises is made.

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Reinforced PVC to resist extreme heat, cold, snow
Quick deployment without construction permits
Light and compact for quick delivery
Simple and easily transportable structure with quick assembling
Uninterruptable power system ensures the operation of the building in case of blackouts
Monitoring system reports power cutoff, an increase of wind