Service Center

Representative Offices

Nizhny Novgorod
str. Yablonevaya, 21
Saint Petersburg
str. Promyshlennaya, 42
str. Khimikov, 12
str. Lva Tolstogo, 15

Our area of activity covers almost the entire territory of the Russian Federation. Our own service centers and dealer network in the central part of Russia and in Eastern Siberia allow us to link each unit of production with the manufacturer.

Service centers of our company make it possible for us to carry out installation, supervision installation, warranty and post-warranty service of our pneumatic hangars, to consult on technical questions and to carry out training of experts on your site, and also to carry out delivery of original spare parts and repair kits. Employees of the Service Center are ready to give you information support and to assist in installation, repair and operation of pneumatic hangars.

We provide a five-year warranty on all our products.

Installation of the facility

Our experts will install the pneumatic hangar in just a few days


We will quickly offer a solution and provide professional assistance on any issue


After the purchase of the hangar, your facility will be monitored by an experienced and professional team

Service all over the country

Wherever the facility is located, our specialists will install and assist in the maintenance of the hangar

Let's start working together?


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