Sport halls

Pneumatic hangars make it possible to cover sports grounds, providing absolute protection against any weather. Reinforced materials withstand extreme climatic conditions, while the modern and light hangar design provides comfort for everyone.

Effective area
100 to 10 000 sqm
Inner width
10 to 100 m
Inside height
7 to 30 m
Diameter of air spring
1.5 to 4 sqm
Weight of one air spring
70 to 1,550 kg
Pumping system power
1 to 20 kW
Total weight of the pneumatic construction
1.8 to 100 t
Operating temperature
-60 to +70 °C
Wind resistance
up to 45 m/s
Installation time
1 to 7 days
Life of pneumatic hangars
at least 15 years
Material used
reinforced PVC

Design solution

Pneumatic hangar is an inflatable structure made of reinforced PVC materials, consisting of forming pneumatic cylinders, end walls with doorways of pneumatic gates, connected in a single structure and covered with a prefabricated shell.
Each pneumatic cylinder is a half-torus design, which is automatically filled with air using an intelligent booster system. The end walls are equipped with door blocks, pneumatic gates, openings for supply and exhaust ventilation and heat-insulated channels for the chimney.
For staff and visitors, aluminum doors with closers on a metal frame are provided. Cargo gates open with an electric hoist, providing pass-through for machinery and equipment.
The pre-fabricated protective shell covers the pneumatic cylinders, providing increased wind and snow resistance, and also improves the heat-saving specifications of the structure.
Схема пневмоангара


Игра в футбол

Game season extension

The pneumo-framed structure is perfect for seasonal or year-round shelter of one or more sports grounds. Universal gyms allow you to close the sports ground, swimming pool, ice rink, golf course or athletic track. The structures are highly resistant to wind and heavy snowfall. Inside the building, ideal conditions are created for any sporting event or training. Quick installation and dismantling can be done in a few days. Thanks to the light-transmitting membrane, it provides daytime play without artificial lighting. Auxiliary rooms (changing rooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, etc.) can be can placed inside the structure.
Бассейн Усадьба Фамилия

Saving time and money

Our hangars do not need a foundation, which makes it possible to install them on any type of foundation, such as for example soil, sand or asphalt. Our design solution allows installing pneumatic hangars with minimal cost and much faster than any other structures in the market. The installation of large facilities always requires skilled labor and special equipment, as well as a large amount of time for preparation and construction. However, when working with our structures with an area of 1000 sqm, it takes only three days to install, without using any special mechanisms, lifting equipment and a large construction team.
Спортивный комплекс

Simplified approvals

Our pneumatic hangars do not require a construction permit and simplify the coordination process with local authorities. When installing our buildings, you will avoid many stages of coordination and will be able to start your work much earlier. In a similar situation, the construction of a permanent building will require you a significant amount of time and money. In addition, environmental issues may arise when getting an approval. When installing a steel and concrete structure, the owner should take into account the cost of demolishing the building after the end of its use, take care of the disposal of construction waste, restoration of soil and vegetation.

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Reinforced PVC to withstand extreme heat, cold or snow
Quick deployment without a building permit
Lightweight and compact for fast delivery
Simple and easy to move structure with quick installation
The UPS provides operation of the facility in case of shutdown of the regular network
Monitoring system informs about power outage, wind amplification, etc.