Uniqueness of public pavilions

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Pneumohangars are renowned for their versatile use. Public pavilions are no exception.
Inflatable hangars have found widespread use as inflatable pavilions for cultural events, mobile circuses, mobile offices, rapidly erected exhibitions, sales outlets, promotional events and catering outlets.
What are their advantages?
The long service life of the hangars, combined with rapid deployment and adjustable interior conditions, enables events of all types to take place.
The building is completely safe for people as there is no metalwork or sharp components. There is no excessive pressure inside. Equally important is that our inflatable structures are 100% harmless to the environment. The building has no foundations and does not damage the topsoil.
A nice bonus is the possibility of designing the pavilion in any shape and colour scheme. Our engineering and design department is ready to implement the most incredible projects.

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Reinforced PVC to withstand extreme heat, cold or snow
Quick deployment without a building permit
Lightweight and compact for fast delivery
Simple and easy to move structure with quick installation
The UPS provides operation of the facility in case of shutdown of the regular network
Monitoring system informs about power outage, wind amplification, etc.