Equipment for pneumatic hangars

The experts of our company have wide experience in designing engineering equipment for pneumatic hangars and will help in choosing the optimal systems for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire fighting, etc.

Мобильный ангар-дельфинарий

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

We have mobile and stationary air heating systems for hangars that make it possible to quickly and efficiently heat rooms in any climate zone. The use of mobile ventilation systems and a supply-exhaust duct network will provide the necessary requirements for air quality and create conditions for comfortable work of personnel. In order to maintain the optimum temperature and humidity conditions for public and industrial buildings, we recommend using stationary and mobile air conditioning systems.
Крытое футбольное поле

Indoor and outdoor lighting

The implementation of many processes requires high-quality bright and uniform lighting. Our experts will carry out a lighting calculation and help you choose the optimal lighting equipment. For indoor and outdoor lighting that meets the high standards of reliability and energy saving, we use high-quality LED lamps in waterproof and explosion-proof design.
Авиационный гараж для хранения и ремонта

Mobile and stationary crane systems

For assembly or disassembly of engines, main units, loading and unloading operations, we recommend the use of electric lightweight gantry cranes moving along the floor. Their installation does not require expensive preparatory work for the construction of rail or crane tracks. If necessary, the crane is easily dismantled and transferred to another place. The maximum span of the crane is 20 m, and the lifting capacity is up to 10 tons.
Ангар склад

Fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems

General building regulations in the field of fire safety oblige to equip buildings and structures with primary fire extinguishing equipment and automatic fire alarm systems. We provide services in the design of automatic fire alarm systems, fire warning systems and autonomous firefighting equipment.
Генератор для ангара

Autonomous power supply systems

In the event of a blackout or lack of regular power supply, we recommend using a backup uninterruptible power supply and an electric generator as a backup power supply system. Inverter uninterruptible power supply with batteries ensures trouble-free operation of the structure when the regular network is disconnected. Connection to the backup power source is carried out automatically within 0.1s.
Delivery of hangars on time

Thanks to their compact packaging and low construction weight, our pneumatic hangars can be delivered to the most remote and inaccessible places by any means of transport. For example, one 40-foot container holds a building with an area of up to 2,000 sqm, while the weight of the entire set does not exceed 20 tons.

We deliver our products both domestically and abroad, by rail, road and air. As a transportation module, we offer standard 20- and 40-foot containers that will ensure the safety of cargo during transportation and safe storage of equipment.

Доставка ангара

Road delivery

Доставка поездом

Railway delivery

Доставка морским путем

Waterway delivery

Professional installation of inflatable hangars

Our service centers provide installation, training and general management services for the installation and further operation of pneumo-framed structures and pneumatic hangars. Installation of hangars is carried out by professionals having more than 10 years of experience.

Installation of inflatable hangars is carried out on a prepared site without foundation. Installation of the structure is possible even in winter at an air temperature of minus 40 °C. Installation is carried out without the use of lifting mechanisms and special equipment. All parts of the pneumatic frame hangar, as well as fasteners, are individually marked, which eliminates the incorrect assembly of the structure by the personnel who are involved in the installation. Installation of pneumatic structures does not require high-altitude work, welding and work using fire, work with crane equipment, etc.

Монтаж пневмоангара

Turnkey installation

Дверь пневмоангара

Installation supervision and commissioning

внутри пневмоангара

Instruction and training

5 year warranty for pneumo-framed constructions

All products are covered by a five-year warranty, during which we carry out free repair, supply of original spare parts and repair kits

A person taking notes from the presentation

Technical support and online monitoring

The recorder unit installed in the electric shield of the hangar allows remote monitoring of all pneumatic hangar systems, and also has the ability to record information from pressure, wind speed, temperature and electrical network sensors simultaneously on the built-in hard drive and cloud application for 5 years.
Доставка ангара

Supply of spare parts and repair kits

The service department employees are ready to give you advice at any time, accept your order and carry out an urgent supply of spare parts to anywhere in Russia and the world. We have available components and equipment necessary for the operation of your hangar. Spare parts for pneumatic structures are delivered on a pick-up basis by dedicated transport or transport companies
Монтаж пневмоангара

Repair and replacement of equipment

Highly qualified personnel, specialized tools and quality materials make it possible to perform easy and quick repair and replacement of damaged elements of pneumatic hangar. New quality adhesive compositions restore any mechanical damage to the structure even in extreme weather conditions under the influence of low temperatures and high humidity.

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Reinforced PVC to withstand extreme heat, cold or snow
Quick deployment without a building permit
Lightweight and compact for fast delivery
Simple and easy to move structure with quick installation
The UPS provides operation of the facility in case of shutdown of the regular network
Monitoring system informs about power outage, wind amplification, etc.