VGTRK Khabarovsk report on the aircraft hangar

VGTRK Khabarovsk report on the aircraft hangar

The Khabarovsk Air Rescue Squadron of the Ministry of Emergency Situations has recently been servicing its airplanes and helicopters in a unique inflatable hangar created by the Angarstroy enterprise in Nizhny Novgorod. The mobile structure with an effective area of 1,800 square meters was delivered to Tsentralny airfield in just three forty-foot containers!

It rises up by itself, fills with air, does not require foundations, it does not need a long round of approvals and permits! But the main feature of inflatable hangar is mobility! It is possible to carry a hangar from place to place many times!

Dmitry Golnev, Deputy Head of Khabarovsk Aviation Rescue Center for engineering and aviation service:

We saw at the international Moscow air show “Max”, presented by the company “Angarstroy” from Nizhny Novgorod a similar airframe design – it was taken as the basis for the development of technical specifications. This hangar has internal dimensions – 48 meters length, 40 meters width, 20 meters height. So, it accommodates BE-200 CS aircraft, as well as the world’s largest heavy transport helicopter MI-26 T, without having to dismantle the main and tail rotor blades. We operate it all the time, and scheduled maintenance and troubleshooting are carried out here. We used to do all this outdoors: in rain, snow and wind. The comfort for people has increased many times over.

The hangar can easily withstand winds up to 45 meters per second, the snow comes down from the roof by itself. And if there is a failure with electricity, the automation instantly switches it to its own power plant. It took three months for the people of Nizhny Novgorod to implement this clearly breakthrough project.

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