Industrial workshops

Pneumatic hangars used as production buildings of plants and factories, welding and industrial workshops are a single mobile solution for providing support, repair, assembly of equipment and production of products at the place of operation. This type of design is ideal for the rapid construction of a workshop in challenging climatic conditions.

Effective area
100 to 10 000 sqm
Inner width
10 to 100 m
Inside height
7 to 30 m
Diameter of air spring
1.5 to 4 sqm
Weight of one air spring
70 to 1,550 kg
Pumping system power
1 to 20 kW
Total weight of the pneumatic construction
1.8 to 100 t
Operating temperature
-60 to +70 °C
Wind resistance
up to 45 m/s
Installation time
1 to 7 days
Life of pneumatic hangars
at least 15 years
Material used
reinforced PVC

Design solution

Pneumatic hangar is an inflatable structure made of reinforced PVC materials, consisting of forming pneumatic cylinders, end walls with doorways of pneumatic gates, connected in a single structure and covered with a prefabricated shell.
Each pneumatic cylinder is a half-torus design, which is automatically filled with air using an intelligent booster system. The end walls are equipped with door blocks, pneumatic gates, openings for supply and exhaust ventilation and heat-insulated channels for the chimney.
For staff and visitors, aluminum doors with closers on a metal frame are provided. Cargo gates open with an electric hoist, providing pass-through for machinery and equipment.
The pre-fabricated protective shell covers the pneumatic cylinders, providing increased wind and snow resistance, and also improves the heat-saving specifications of the structure.
Схема пневмоангара


Колеса самосвала

Comfortable working conditions for staff

Thanks to heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as uniform and bright lighting, our hangars provide comfortable, if not to say luxurious, working conditions for staff. Creating the most favorable conditions for employees affects the quality and speed of work processes.
Ремонт портового крана в ангаре

Improved quality of maintenance

Due to the ever-increasing demand for saving resources and the high cost of equipment, the majority of mining companies takes the control of indoor air cleanliness very seriously in order to reduce the amount of foreign materials introduced into the equipment through liquids and perform all maintenance and repair operations.
Ангар для морских судов

Suitable for hosting equipment of any size

Thanks to the universal modular structure, our hangars are able to host the largest models of dump trucks, excavators and other types of equipment. Pneumatic structures can have a traditional layout with one entrance gate, as well as a layout with two gates to provide a through passage.
Ангар мастерская

Reduced downtime and idle runs

There’s no more need to move your excavators, dump trucks and drilling rigs to remote repair facilities for maintenance and repairs. Instead, put your repair shop where the work is done. Thus, you will reduce downtime, idle runs, deferred repairs and maintenance, thereby increasing the life of your equipment.
Ангар мастерская

Increased mobilization speed

Your hangar can be dismantled and installed in a new place just in a few days, which makes it possible to use the workshop to carry out maintenance at all your facilities where necessary. The compact packaging and low weight of the product reduce transportation costs, when installing the hangar does not require a large construction team, special equipment and lifting mechanisms.
Ангар для карьерных самосвалов

Indispensable when working in hard-to-reach areas

Our mobile hangars work in locations where no other alternatives exist. Thanks to the compact packaging and low weight of the structure, our customers can deliver structures to the most remote and inaccessible places. Pneumatic hangars can be installed in seismically active areas. Thanks to the inflatable structure and the absence of rigid elements and the foundation, the hangars do not take any damage even with the most severe earthquakes.

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Reinforced PVC to withstand extreme heat, cold or snow
Quick deployment without a building permit
Lightweight and compact for fast delivery
Simple and easy to move structure with quick installation
The UPS provides operation of the facility in case of shutdown of the regular network
Monitoring system informs about power outage, wind amplification, etc.